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Now we are members of Etsy in Spanish. Somos miembros de Etsy in Spanish. Join the party! ¡Celebra con nosotros! Shop, shop and shop for beautiful stuff in our dUaLcHoCoLaTe sALe... We're having a dUaLcHoCoLaTe sALe, join our party!!!! FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL!!!!!!
Chocolate a la Vegan!!! More dualChocolate....Mas chocolate despues una larga y dulce espera... we are back with more chocolate.We are devoted to give the gift that is personal, loving, warming, comforting and stylish in the handmade tradition.
DUALCHOCOLATE take it as a pleasure & PielCROPIA together creating wearable details as unique and personal as your sweet skin under the sunlight. One hundred percent home and hand made.
Logical statements here at dualChocolate: swimwear is to water as water is to swimwear...get are to play as play is to toys... remain a kid.Chocolate is to chocolate como chocolate es a chocolate...dualChocolate.Our bear are toys, play...When they are crocheted too small, rarely, then they are toys for older kids.

Our Crocheted Chocolate BearOsos... From toys to companions One of our customers wrote about our BearOsos: Eslin's bears are high standards in quality (made of cotton yarn.) The bears have been exquisite made for babies and toddlers. I have two nieces (8 and 4 months respectively.) One of them got the white bear. Her mom took the white bear to the laundry, she washed it in cold water, and did not use the dryer. After all this, the white bear was perfect! If you are planning to buy a gift where the word love is a signature, think about Eslin's work! I'll give Eslin's bears a 100 in quality, children (all ages) and grown ups friendly :) ~ Alexandra Trillos (A happy customer from New York)

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Vegan Veganos Veganas

Este es uno de nuestros aportes a la celebración de día de los enamorados San Valentín. Una receta para un Queque de Chocolate y Nueces con Fresas.

Porque nosotros, los veganos, también merecemos besitos y cajitas con bobones de chocolate...

Les compartimos el enlace a la receta completa, nuestra contribución a EsEtsy Team