xoco'ums to you and for you.

 Introducing Xoco'ums, the new collection of sweet characters by dualchocolate.
 Same sweet and cute results not in crochet, but in fabric: cotton and linen.
All new and organic certified fibers. Characters are all friendly to all ages and to the planet.

all the colors of this spectrum of vegan sweetness

sewing stitches for xoco'ums to come

                                             Made to order, sized to measure love and kindness.
                                  Place your order here and get it ship to you gift wrap to impress.
colors available for vest combinations

colors available for body combination

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Vegan Veganos Veganas

Este es uno de nuestros aportes a la celebración de día de los enamorados San Valentín. Una receta para un Queque de Chocolate y Nueces con Fresas.

Porque nosotros, los veganos, también merecemos besitos y cajitas con bobones de chocolate...

Les compartimos el enlace a la receta completa, nuestra contribución a EsEtsy Team