Cozy Up And Read Some More

Come on get comfortable, grab some hot cocoa, let's read the winter away.
Yes, let get some reading and knitting while the snow gathers by our doorway.
 Is not winter yet, but fall and I am getting all ready colder days.
I got an e-reader as a present, a good way to catch up with all the classic novels and good reads I placed on "the almost too permanent /postponed + I'll get to it " list.

Covers will be available in a variety of colors and textures. Come get your cover here . Read with dualchocolate

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Vegan Veganos Veganas

Este es uno de nuestros aportes a la celebración de día de los enamorados San Valentín. Una receta para un Queque de Chocolate y Nueces con Fresas.

Porque nosotros, los veganos, también merecemos besitos y cajitas con bobones de chocolate...

Les compartimos el enlace a la receta completa, nuestra contribución a EsEtsy Team